Keep Moving, Mom! 10 Tips for Sneak-in Exercise

POSTED BY Busy Moms | 02 February 2017 | Fitness

Busy moms tend to place their own needs to the bottom of the priority list. Especially when it comes to exercise. “I’ll start tomorrow.” And tomorrow always remains tomorrow. Sounds familiar?

What works best is if you can sneak in some extra exercise each day without the hassle of spending hours in the gym and worrying about child care. We collected 10 small tricks that can easily fit into your life without too much planning ahead.

1. Use the steps instead of the elevator. It shapes your legs, glutes, boost your circulation and makes your respiratory system work harder.

2. Walk or jog to nearby places, like school, store, pharmacy etc.

3. Use your tooth brushing time. Hopefully in the bathroom you have a few peaceful moments alone. While you are brushing your teeth it’s an open time slot to do squats, calf raises, leg lifts to the side and back, knee raises, etc. Be creative, choose one exercise for each day and keep doing it while you brush your teeth.

4. Put ankle and wrist weights on and wear them during your everyday activity at home. (Watching TV is not included. :-) ) This little trick makes your muscles work more intensively than in general. Start with half a kilo weight on each side.

5. Do sports together with your kids. Play football, dance, skate, swim and ski together. Try out new kind of activities!

6. Use your time actively while you are waiting for your child during extracurricular activities. Put on your running shoes and go jogging during these idle times.

7. Look at gardening and housework as a way of exercising. Make the movements a bit exaggerated, put some music on and turn housework in to fun time. Do squats while taking the clothes from the washing machine, lunge walk while hoovering, perform leg lifts when you cook dinner or pair the socks in wall squat. Use your creativity and share with us and other busy moms how you exercise while cleaning the house!

8. Make sure to move 5 minutes in every hour. It’s important to move from time to time, especially if you sit in the office all day long. At least walk to a printer that is further away from you, or stretch your body in the bathroom. A small trampoline is a great thing to have in the office. Recommend it to your boss as a little wellbeing and happiness investment.

9. Be like a child: play catch with your children, build an obstacle course or play French skipping. Go to an adventure park, enjoy the playground actively participating in the kids’ game. Look at your kids how active they are and join in to play with them. They’ll be very happy as well.

10. Get up 10 minutes earlier than your family and do a short workout as a starter! You will find yourself being more energetic during the whole day! If you need some guidance, try Busy Moms’ Fitness App!

With these small tricks you can do a lot for your physical fitness even without going to the gym! Use your imagination and find ways to be more active in every situation as you normally would be! We would be happy to hear you ideas about how you exercise creatively in everyday life! Have fun!