How Much Protein Should We Eat?

POSTED BY Busy Moms | 01 February 2018 | Nutrition

What is the right amount of protein to eat?

This is one of the questions that keeps me occupied lately. I was recommended the following not long ago by a fitness coach: if you want to lose weight and build muscle, reach 40% of your daily calorie intake from protein, 30% from carbs and 30% from fat.

That sounds nice and simple, but it ignores one important thing: the very same diet might impact people differently based on their own metabolic type. This means that the same foods that keep you looking slim and beautiful could make your friend gain weight and look tired and puffy.

There are three general metabolic types:
• Protein type
• Carb type
• Mixed type

The protein type people have usually strong appetite; they crave fatty, salty foods and experience fatigue often. They are usually very talkative, outgoing people.
The protein type thrives on red meat, dark meat chicken and fish such as tuna or salmon. They are the ones who should eat whole-fat cheese, cream, milks and eggs. The “paleo diet” is a perfect choice for them.
The good ratio for them is
50% protein
30% fat
20% carbs

The carb type people have strong sugar cravings. It doesn’t mean that they should eat sugar. It means that their body is crying for healthy carbs. Carb type people have usually weak appetite; they are sensitive, ambitious, well organized and sometimes stressed. They are the ones who struggle with weight the most despite the low appetite.
The carb type do best on low-fat, relatively low-protein diet that includes mainly good carbs – whole grains! – plenty of fruits and vegetables. They thrive on a vegetarian, or vegan diet. They still need protein in their diet though, at least 20% of their calorie intake.
The good ratio for them is
70% carbs
20% protein
10% fat

The mixed type is somewhere in the middle of the above two, which have more pronounced or clear-cut metabolic imbalances. Mixed types need to consume relatively equal amount of protein, carbs and fat in their diet.
The good ratio for them is
33% protein
33% fat
33% carbs

If you wonder what is your metabolic type, there are some quite good online tests to figure it out. Though you might intuitively feel what is right for you.