How to Enjoy Office Christmas Parties without Regrets

POSTED BY Busy Moms | 14 December 2017 | Lifestyle

This is the season for office Christmas parties that can be great fun, but quite challenging as well if you are expecting or you have small children.

Being working moms ourselves, we collected some strategies to enjoy the office party without regrets.

First of all, the best if you decide on some “cardinal” points in advance and just simply stick to your decision. The main question is if you want to drink alcohol at all, or not. And if yes, whether to allow yourself to get a bit tipsy or not.

If you’re an expecting mom and your colleagues don’t know it yet, it can be extremely challenging.

I remember the time, when I was still only 8 weeks pregnant and we got invited to a wine tasting that we could not refuse. The big news hasn’t been shared with our friends yet, so I was just smelling the wine and regularly swapping my glass with my husband’s empty glass. At the end, no one has noticed that I haven’t had a single sip of wine during the whole tasting.

If you want to refrain from alcohol all night, you can still walk around with a champagne glass, just pour it half way through with clear apply juice and add sparkling water to it.

To indulge yourself even more, you can choose a mocktail (alcoholfree cocktail). Not a low calorie option, but parties are generally not weight-loss retreats. ☺

If you can drink and would like to enjoy a few glasses, but don’t want to regret it the next morning, here is our recommendation:

1) First of all, arrange childcare not only for the night of the party, but for the next morning as well. Grandparents come handy in this case.

2) Prepare your stomach: already the day before and on the day, drink lots of water with apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons mixed in 2 dl of water). This gives you a boost of vitamins and increases your stomach acid to help digestion.

3) Eat a healthy snack before arriving to the party. That way you don’t feel like shoveling in everything you find on the buffet table.

4) If you can choose what you eat, always fill up at least half of your plate with vegetables and fruits. They are not only healthier options, but they also have high water and vitamin content.

5) Drink lots of WATER! Match each glass of alcohol with at least one glass of water. Always start with water to avoid the temptation of drinking too fast as you are thirsty. You may add sparking water to your white wine or rosé. (Just don’t tell it to a French person. ☺ )

6) Mix and mingle. Christmas party is a great networking opportunity. Don’t only talk to those colleagues with whom you are in regular contact during the year. Avoid discussing work. Moms also have the temptation of talking only about their children. Try to have animated discussions about other areas of life.

7) Enjoy. Giving you these tips should not mean that you cannot enjoy the party. You definitely should. Realising that you don’t need to drink to have fun is very liberating.

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