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Are thoughts like „I’d like to be thinner/fitter/better mom/better wife/eat healthier/earn more...” sound familiar? You, just like me and most of us, we have some of these and other similar thought in our head, still just a few of us really do concrete and regular steps to achieve it. However, if you have specific goals you see a crystal clear picture about where you want to go. It helps to keep the focus and overcome the occasionally emerging temptation to give up.
Are you a goal setter and achiever or you just drift through your life?
Now it’s time to take your life into your own hands and the way to success begins with knowing exactly what you want. In order to fulfill your best potential, it’s essential to continuously have goals. Pay attention however, that those goals should be really yours, what YOU DO WANT to achieve and not goals that you have to meet the expectations of others. Don’t want to be a perfect wife in the eyes of your mother-in-low, a superb housekeeper and a sex bomb to satisfy the highest expectations of your husband, a perfect mom who is admired by all the other parents of the school…. You - like it or not - only have a tiny little chance to happen to be a superhuman, and if it turns out that you are just an ordinary busy mom, except the fact that you cannot be perfect in every area of life. So look at what is really important for YOU, set your goals around it and you will see, you will reach them more successfully if those goals support your own vision.

Let’s see what you need to know and do about goal setting:

You can have different kind of goals, short term – what you want to reach in the near future, or long term –that you plan to accomplish in years’ distance. But one thing is essential: be specific! Goals like „I’d like to be in better shape” is not concrete enough, so you can easily lose focus.


1. When you set a goal, make it SMART:

Specific – Is it concrete enough? (Who is involved? What do you want to accomplish? What’s the reason?...)
Measurable – Is it quantifiable or measurable in any other ways? How will you know when it’s accomplished?
Attainable – Is the goal reasonable enough to be accomplished? How so? You can and should dream big, but pay attention to be able to influence the outcome.
Relevant – Is it a goal that you really want to reach, important, challenging and motivating for you? Is it fit in your immediate and long term plans?
Time based – What is the deadline? You should have a concrete time frame by when you want to accomplish the goal (dd/mm/yyyy) It creates a sense of urgency and makes you have a better time management.

2. Create a goal sentence

When setting a goal, it’s useful to formulate a sentence that contains all relevant information about what you want to reach. Write it in present tense, indicative, 1st person singular, as you would have already accomplished. Be simple and short but contain all important information and deadline. Example: „At 30 March 2017 I wear size S clothes.”

3. Find your why!

Write your goals sentence in the middle of an empty sheet and scratch down around as many reasons as you can think of why it is important for you. It can be anything from “just because I want to show my mother-in-law, that I’m able to…” to “I will be more balanced, less stressed so more patient with the kids” or whatever is important for you. Collect at least 10 reasons, and from those circle the main one!
Put this sheet in a place where you can often see it! Have it in your sight day after day until you reach it!

4. Look into the details!

• How will your life change if you reach your goal?
• How your life looks like in 5 years if you stay in your current situation and how if you reach what you want?
• What obstacles can you face? What opportunities do you have to eliminate or solve them?
• Who and how can help?
• Who will hold you accountable?
• How can you keep this goal always in sight?
• How will you celebrate the success?

You probably have goals in many different fields of life. Keep in mind all of them, but pick one to focus on in the next one month! You may want to clear your home and nicely decorate, spend more quality time with your family, find a well-paying job that is family-compatible, lose some weight, whatever your focus goal is do something each and every day to get closer to it!
What’s your way to keep it in sight every day? What are you doing each day to reach it? Share with us!