We are starting the development of the Android version soon and we will announce it one month before it will go live.
Yes you can, once you’ve downloaded the exercise pack. We suggest you only setup a new challenge when using WiFi, so you don’t end up paying for data while downloading the exercises.
The challenges are designed in a way that you can finish the 21day challenge in more than 21 days. For example, if you need a day of rest after Day 6, next time you open the app, you’ll see Day 7 exercises.
Well done! Unfortunately you cannot go ahead a day, but you can repeat the exercise set as many times as you want or you can set up another challenge.
The first 7 days we offer free of charge. If you like the app, you just need to carry on using it. No subscription is necessary, it is automatic.
On your iPhone, open Settings. Select iTunes & App Store. Tap on your Apple ID. It will ask for you password and take you to your Account. Find SUBSCRIPTIONS and select Manage. Here you can find Busy Moms’ Fitness and switch off Automatic Renewal. We are sad to see you leave.
We aim to upload a new workout challenge each month to keep you motivated. We also plan to add new recipes on a weekly basis. Yes, you will see them automatically.
You open the Recipes from the main screen, tap on the category, and then tap on the recipe itself.
Yes, we are. We plan to run 34 free challenges per year. The next one is coming before Christmas. So keep your eyes on our announcements.