Christmas Shopping: Fun or Pain?

POSTED BY Busy Moms | 22 November 2017 | Lifestyle

Christmas shopping can be a dreadful experience for anyone, let alone for someone who is expecting a baby.
Crowded shops, bumping into people, no air to breathe, heavy bags to carry… This is not something you want during those months you’d much rather concentrate on the little life growing inside you rather than being busy with the outside world.

But in a month Christmas is here and you cannot just count on Santa for bringing presents. You may try though. ☺

We collected a few tips for making the Christmas shopping as little pain and as much fun as possible.

Secret Santa – do you have a larger family get together at Christmas? Do you struggle each year with what to give to Uncle Tom and Aunt Mary? Organise a secret Santa within the family. Write down the names of each family member on a small piece of paper, fold it and put it in a bag. Everyone should draw one name and only give present to that person. That one and only present should be precious though – not necessarily on the price side but as value for the person who receives it.
In my family we’ve been doing Secret Santa for many years now and it works very well. We live far away from each other, so we do the draw via Skype. We have one organiser each year that puts all names on papers, folds them and mixes them up. Afterwards she writes numbers on each folded paper. The other person on Skype just says a number and the organiser shows the name to the camera without looking. This way not even the organiser knows who offers the present to whom. It is really fun.

The Secret Santa idea is great for big families, but you might be just the two of you with your partner, or you’d like to give something special to him. Knowing his love language could really help you to find a gift that he would really appreciate.
As defined by Gary Chapman in his bestseller, there are five love languages. We’ve collected some Christmas gift ideas for each of them:

1. If “words of affirmations” is what your partner needs, you may prepare him a calendar for the New Year with your favourite pictures and write on each picture something nice about him or to him. So he will get a new message each month or week. There are great photo services on the web where you can create the calendar online and get it printed and delivered to your home.

2. “Acts of service” is his love language? OK, this is a tough one… You could polish his shoes, iron his shirts, but you might do that anyways… And it is really not that christmasy... What you may do is to buy a nice notebook for him where he can collect his memories about your future baby. You can start it for him with some sweet stories and pictures. Would he like that?

3. If he prefers “receiving gifts” you will not avoid buying something tangible for him. Knowing his hobbies and interest can really help. Sport? Books? Latest gadgets? The good news is that you can literally buy everything online. If you catch Cyber Monday, you can get great deals in the online stores.

4. “Quality time” is the one you will lack the most once the baby arrives. If this is what he values most, book a secret get-away for the two of you during the first weeks of next year. You can also give him some “time just with you” vouchers to be used once you’ll be busy with the new born. It might be challenging for you to find time for him, but if that is his love language, it will be essential for the happiness of your relationship.

5. He likes “physical touch”? Book him a great massage. There are places where they do duo massage, where the two of you receive the treatment in the same room at the same time, ideally followed by a nice Jacuzzi. (You should check with them at the time of reservation if they give massage to pregnant women as well.) You can also prepare 365 nicely designed “vouchers” that he can use until next Christmas. Include different varieties of touch: a kiss, pat on the back, a big hug, a foot massage… The rest I leave to your imagination. ☺

What is your tip on making Christmas shopping fun when pregnant?