8 Tips to Survive the Holidays with your Mother-in-Law

POSTED BY Busy Moms | 20 December 2017 | Lifestyle

Christmas is really around the corner and the beauty of the holidays is that it brings the family together. Big family get togethers can be challenging as well, especially if you have your MOTHER-IN-LAW around!!!

You might have a wonderful mother-in-law and you have no clue what I am talking about… Or you do. Very much… Actually I am fortunate enough to have a “close” relationship with my mother-in-law, but that is largely helped by the fact that we have an ocean and 9 time zones between us. And I wish to keep it that way. ☺

So how could you ease the situation and survive HER without drama? We gathered some fun tips for you:

• Invite your own mom as well – let the two ladies entertain each other. So you can just watch from the distance and smile.

• Make her busy – if your mother-in-law likes to help around the kitchen, make sure you have something for her to do. Better to ask her for a complete task from A to Z, so she can concentrate on it and take pride for the result. If you prefer her being miles away from the kitchen, ask her to take the kids for a walk.

• Ask your partner to do something special with his mom. They surely need some bonding time. ☺

• Consider her as your emotional coach – as a fitness coach pushes you to improve your physical strength, an emotional coach also tests your limits. See it as a way to become emotionally stronger. Keep smiling.

• Exercise – not only to avoid putting on extra weight during the holidays, but also to keep your sanity. You will just feel better. Best if you get out of the house: walk or jog in the winter fresh air.

• Breathe – take a deep breath for 4 counts, hold for 7 counts and breathe out for 8 counts. Repeat it at least 5-6 times. It has an immediate calming effect. You can teach it to her as well.

• Practice active empathy – imagine yourself in her shoes. And don’t forget: if you have children, good chance that YOU will be a mother-in-law one day.

• Nothing works? A punch would help. No, no, not into her face!!! I meant the holiday drink. Have a glass and try to relax. ☺

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