8 Things Working Moms Should Do

POSTED BY Busy Moms | 19 October 2016 | Lifestyle

“8 more things to do??? I have already 100 things a day and I should have at least 8 arms to be able to handle them all” you might think. I know how busy you are, but this extra “to-do list” will actually help you to keep your sanity and have a guilt free, happier life.

1) Wake up an hour earlier than anyone else at home

This hour should be only yours. You may meditate, do some exercise, read, write a journal… You will start the day by filling up your energy reserves and it will set the tone for the entire day. Make sure that you get enough sleep though before, so going to bed on time is essential. Do not use this time to catch up on your work or do things around the house.

2) Set a time for each day when you focus on the kids 100%

This might be a challenging point if you work full time, rush home to prepare dinner and just put the kids to bed. You need conscious effort spending quality time with your little ones, when you switch of your phone and don’t try to multitask. Start with at least one hour each day and you’ll see how much your kids will appreciate the time together. If you are really pressured by time, prepare dinner together and make it fun.

3) Successful people don’t try to do everything. The same goes for busy moms

Learn to focus on the most important tasks and make sure you complete them. Though women are famous for multitasking, it is really not effective.
Have a clear priority setting and ask for help for the tasks that others can do for you. You may delegate chores within the family, or ask for outside help.
Don’t try to be perfect, especially not in every area of your life.

4) Stop feeling guilty

Do you think that you are a worse mother just because you work? We have good news for you: studies have shown that working mothers set a good example for their children, especially to their daughters, who will have a higher chance of becoming successful adults. Guilt will also hinder your excitement and love towards your work. So stop feeling guilty!

5) Set some time for yourself

You need some “me-time”. The one-hour in the morning is not enough. Ask your partner to spend some time with the kids alone at least once a week and take them for a walk, to the cinema, to a museum, wherever they have fun together. If you are a single mom, ask for support from your family, hire a babysitter or try to leave your kids at your friends’ place every once in a while. They also need this special time and you can benefit from it as well. Take a long bath, get a beauty treatment, or anything you fancy. No vacuum cleaner!

6) Go on a date regularly with your partner

You are not only a mom, but a wife, a partner as well. As your plants die if you forget to water them, your relationship needs some regular nurturing as well. Have a date at least once a month without the kids and enjoy spending time together. If you don’t have a partner, go out with your friends and have fun.

7) Exercise

Choose the exercise you like. The type does not matter. You may jump on the cross-fit box, have a yoga practice, jog, walk or play tennis… Move your body! Aim for at least a total of 2 hours a week, ideally broken into 3 or more occasions. The Busy Moms’ Fitness app is a good tool to start with, as you can do the exercises anywhere, any time and choose a program to your fitness level.

8) Learn how to make healthy but quick meals

Cooking at home is the healthiest and most cost effective option for the family. A balanced diet does not require long hours in the kitchen. Search for recipes that are easy to make, they have no more than 8 ingredients and have only 15-20 minutes preparation time. Cook once, eat twice: cook double batch, so you can either have the same dinner the next day, or freeze the leftovers for the “rainy days”. You’ll find healthy recipes the both you and your family will love in the Busy Moms’ Fitness app as well.

What is your favorite tip for a balanced life as a working mom?