7+1 Tips to Beat Flu or Cold

POSTED BY Busy Moms | 15 November 2017 | Lifestyle

You are waking up with sore throat, blocked nose and headache… Oh no! This is the flu season and you are pregnant! Don’t you worry; there are plenty of ways to treat flu or flu-like symptoms naturally.

The good news is that even tough you might feel really crap, the flu virus doesn’t cross the placenta, so your baby is safe. What you need to watch-out for though is your temperature, as fever – especially during the first trimester and for a prolonged period – can cause some trouble.

We collected the 7 best natural remedies to treat your cold or flu to help you feel better. These tips are not only useful for pregnant moms, but also great while you are breastfeeding or you simply want to avoid taking medications.

1) Gargle with salt water – yes, I know, it really sounds yucky, especially if you still suffer from morning sickness as well. But it really does soothe sore throat. Simply take a glass of warm water, mix in a teaspoon of salt and gargle it away.

2) Saline nasal spray or nasal rinse – salty water is also a safe way to clear mucus from your nose. You may just use some of the salt water you prepared for gargling to clean your nose as well. You just need to find a syringe to get it up to your nose. Alternatively you may buy a saline nasal spray at the pharmacy.

3) Super anti-flu tea – this recipe is so good that you can drink it not only when you suffer from cold, but on any rainy (or sunny) day. This tea brings together several powerful antiviral herbs and spices:

Take a nice piece of fresh ginger and slice it in a pot. Add a cinnamon stick some grated nutmeg. Add 1 litre of water and simmer for 10 minutes. Squeeze in a full lemon, 2-3 big spoonfuls of honey and sprinkle it with cayenne pepper. Ginger is antiviral, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory; cinnamon is antiviral and antibiotic; nutmeg is great for pain relief; lemon is antibacterial and rich in Vitamin C; honey is antibacterial and antiseptic; cayenne pepper is antimicrobial and analgesic.
Drink this tea warm throughout the whole day. It is great against coughing, soothes sore throat and helps you to relax.

4) Chicken soup – the remedy of our grandmothers. Time tested and really works: it helps you to thin the mucus and you just feel great after eating a nice hot boil of home made chicken soup. Especially if it is prepared by your mom, partner or a friend and you don’t need to spend time in the kitchen when feeling weak. Add some fresh sliced garlic that helps to kill those nasty germs. If you like garlic, you can enjoy a garlic cream soup as well that is also a tasty remedy to fight your cold.

5) Inhale heated air – sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? It may help kill a virus working its way up your nose. You can have a dry or humid version. With the dry version you need to use your hairdryer: blow the warm are from the hairdryer into your face from about 45 cm away. Inhale this warm air for 10-20 minutes. The humid version is inhaling steam from boiled water. You can add some eucalyptus oil or some lemon wedges. Always close your eyes when you inhale heated air or steam.

6) Wet socks in bed – this simple trick can help lowering high temperature in a very natural way by drawing blood to the feet, which dramatically increases blood circulation. First, warm your feet in hot water. Then soak a thin pair of cotton socks in cold water, wring them out and slip them on just before going to bed. Put a paid of dry wool socks over he wet ones. The wet socks should be warm and dry by the morning and you should feel much better.

7) Extra healthy lifestyle – get lots of rest, drink a lot (water and the super anti-flu tea), eat little (mainly the chicken soup, garlic soup, fresh fruits and leafy greens) and don’t stress. Work and household can wait! Don’t be shy and ask for help. Don’t try to be a superhero.

+1) Tipp: when you blow your nose or cough, always tighten your pelvic muscles to avoid loosening that area.

During pregnancy it is easier to catch cold or flu, as your immune system is less effective and it may also take longer to recover. If you try all the natural remedies and you don’t feel any better, or you have really high temperature, it is very important to see your doctor.

What are the natural remedies that work the best way for you? Share your tested recipes with us and with your fellow mom-to-bes.