5 Tips to Survive the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

POSTED BY Busy Moms | 17 December 2016 | Nutrition

Do you know what is the number one New Year resolution? Yeah, you guessed it right: to lose weight.
I see two reasons why this is the most important resolution to many of us (including me as well…):
- There is an obesity crises in the developed world
- We eat so much during the holidays that all we can think of is to get rid of the extra pounds.
What about not gaining weight during the holidays at the first place? Could it be possible? Here are my suggestions that I will definitely try to stick during the next 2 weeks… And I’ll let you know afterwards if I succeeded. ☺

Tip #1: eat mindfully already before the holidays
You might think that going on a crash diet before the holidays is a good idea, as you'll look better in your festive dress. Unfortunately this can lead to binging, once you allow yourself to eat "normally". So instead of a crazy diet, be mindful about what you eat before the holidays, but don't deprive yourself. Carry this mindfulness with you throughout the celebrations.

Tip #2: keep your regular routine
It can be very difficult to keep your regular route during the holidays, especially if you are travelling or you have many visitors. Let's not forget the kids are at home as well. But more you can keep your regular sleep patterns and exercise routine the better chance you have to keep your weight stable.

Tip #3: don't nibble
It is really easy to lose track of how much you actually eat when there is always food around you and you just nibble a little every time you pass by the table. Try to keep a regular routine of eating and avoid the temptation of reaching to those biscuits, pretzels, you name it. If you are hungry, use a plate, sit down and enjoy your food.

Tip #4: have a juice or smoothie at hand
You might not have the time to prepare fresh juice or smoothie during the holidays. Prepare today a bigger batch and freeze it in small jars or bottles. Make sure you start the day with a juice or smoothie. When your body is nourished, you'll be less likely to overeat. Do you have sugar cravings? Have a glass of smoothie and wait 10 minutes to see if the craving disappear, before eating all those sweets.

Tip #5: saviour your food
Holidays are not about will power and deprivation. And we don't want Ant Mary being insulted because we refuse to eat her Xmas dinner... But there is hope. Think about the Xmas dinner as French cuisine: nice, big, decorated plate with a mouthful of food on it. Try everything, but just have a very little serving. Look, smell, saviour your dish. Eat and chew very slowly to enjoy the taste to the maximum.

And if you still happen to gain a few pounds during the holidays, don’t beat yourself up… Just join our soup and exercise challenge and you’ll lose the extra weight in no time. ☺