5 Tips for Hassle-free Home Cooking

POSTED BY Busy Moms | 10 February 2017 | Nutrition

Cooking at home??? Are you serious?

We are all busy with our career, kids, life etc. that spending time in our kitchen is our very last priority, if getting onto our priority list at all.
Having so many, tasty, inexpensive options available, we really ask: why should we cook at home at all? Here are a few good reasons why:
• You know much better what is on your plate
• You can avoid processed, artificial food – cooking at home does not mean warming up the frozen pizza ☺
• The food we eat carries the energy of the cook: if we cook with love, that energy will be in our food. Imagine the energy of a hamburger we eat from a box…
• It can be a fun, relaxing activity after a stressful day
• It can save you money.

When I was a child, or when I go home for the holidays, I always see my mother spending countless hours in the kitchen preparing a wonderful meal that we eat in less than 20 minutes. Cooking does not have to be so complicated. My time limit in the kitchen is 30 minutes.

Are you new to cooking? Here are a few tips that can help you started:

1. Cooking starts with shopping
Fill up your pantry with non-perishable food, such as rice, flour, pasta (all of these preferably whole grain), olive oil, onion, garlic, spices, good quality salt, dried, canned or frozen vegetables and legumes etc. AVOID products with more than 2-3 ingredients or ingredient that you cannot pronounce.
Plan for a few days or a week ahead to avoid shopping daily.
Best to buy fresh, in season, local and organic, but commercial produce is okay as well. Visit the local farmers market or find a farm that you trust and you can buy your weekly supply there.
Experience with vegetables or type of meat or fish you’ve never tried before.

2. Less time in the kitchen
Keep it simple: use only a few ingredients (max 5) for cooking.
Cook once, eat twice: prepare a double batch. (Do not reheat your food more than once.)
Use a timer: you can do something else, while your food is cooking. There are built in timer functions in many of the stoves and ovens. You might even be able to program your oven to get your food ready by dinnertime.

3. Vary cooking styles
Raw, juice, blend, steam, quick boil, steam, stir-fry with oil, water sauté, soups…. Be creative, use the cooking style that best suits your mood. Experience with spices. They don’t only make your dish tasty, they are actually really good for the digestion and metabolism as well. Get some great recipes you like. Buy cookbooks, look at recipes online, and learn from others. Many times I search for recipes based on the ingredients I have at home. If you need some inspiration, check out our recipe e-book specially designed for busy moms.

4. Ask for help
Cooking together can be a fun time to share with your friends, partner or kids. Kids especially love to help – only ask for their help though if you have enough time and not stressed.

5. Mistakes are okay
Nobody is born as a chef. Don’t be discouraged, if your meal does not turn out to be a great one. Next time it will be better.
Don’t criticize yourself: avoid pointing out flaws. Home-cooked food is love. Allow others to thank you.

So, what’s for dinner?