5 Tips to Beat the New Year Resolution Statistics

POSTED BY Busy Moms | 02 January 2018 | Lifestyle

Today is the second day of the year. Let me guess, you already have a long list of New Year resolutions. So today is a good day to look at that list a little bit closer (no more hangover should remain from the New Year party any more ☺) to ensure that this year you’ll be more successful achieving your goals.

Did you know that by end January 80% of the New Year resolutions are already given up? And only 8% succeed to the end of the year?

What do you think, why is that? Does that mean we should ditch such resolutions all together or should we make them stick better?

I vote for the later one.

With my best friend, ever since we know each other we have “the list” that we write together at the beginning of each year and we review it at the end of the year. This became not only a tradition, but created a natural and mutual accountability partnership between us. The key is to review “the list” not only at the end of the year, but regularly, otherwise it is nothing else, but a wish list.
Each year we have at least one thing we mark to do together. In 2018 we plan to run a half marathon. This is not only a plan, but we’ve already signed up and started the training!

The good thing is, that as we always write the New Year resolutions together, our success rate is better then 8%. It is around 50-50%, but we would like to further improve that ratio.

Here are 5 ways for the successful New Year resolutions. As an example, let’s choose one of the most favorite resolutions, especially amongst women: weight-loss.

1) Why do you want to change?
Most of the resolutions are around changing ourselves. It is important to understand why we want to change: do we want to be healthier, so we can live long enough to see our grand children grow up? Do we want to look better and feel better in our skin? Or do we want to lose weight to avoid our mother-in-law’s nasty comments? Deeper the motivation is, the better chance we have for success.

2) Have a roadmap to your goal
It’s not enough to have a goal but have a clear path identified to get there. Make the goal challenging, but don’t be overambitious. Don’t make radical changes at one go, as it increases the chance of failure. In case of weigh-loss, you may decide to have a salad at each meal and eliminate sugar and white bread during the first two weeks, then once these changes are comfortable, make further changes to your diet.

3) Set a date and measure to your goal
If you only have a general resolution, let’s say: “I want to eat healthy and start doing sports”, your goal is not time bound and not measurable. Identify milestones, dates and measures to your goal to avoid procrastination. Make it realistic to your goal. Losing 20 pounds before Valentine’s Day is possible, but surely not with healthy and sustainable ways.

4) Imagine the desired outcome
Visualise, imagine yourself after you achieved your goal. How do you look? How do you feel? Make the vision as real and as vivid as possible. This will help you to make the necessary sacrifices.

5) One goal at a time
Usually we have many resolutions, but focusing on too many at the same time is a recipe for failure. Of course, eating healthier and doing some exercise every day comes hand-in-hand, as they serve the same goal. But if you want to start a new career, move apartments and lose weight at the same time, you overcommit yourself.

+ 1 Tipp) accept setbacks as part of the path and don’t declare them as failure. You had to have a slice of chocolate cake at your friend’s party? No worries. Continue on the healthy path the day after.

So get your New Year resolutions in front of you and rethink all your goals based on the above 5 criteria and design your roadmap for success.
Let’s beat the statistics in 2018!